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What is Transformational Coaching?

Many coaches claim to provide transformational coaching but to actually qualify as transformational there needs to be a significant shift in the sense of oneself.

Coaching exists on a spectrum starting with transactional: this is most coaching and mainly involves a client identifying some goals and the coach helping them to reach those goals. This may involve looking at values, obstacles and even beliefs. And it may hugely empower the client. But it is rarely actually transformational. For many people who are looking to be coached, this will be the right level of coaching.

Next is developmental coaching, which is a major part of what I do. With this kind of coaching we are shining awareness on how you create your model of the world, how you relate to thoughts and feelings, and your overall sense of self and personal power. We look at beliefs and values in-depth and we take a deep look at blind spots and limitations, core dynamics, and generally what is stopping you from fully standing in your potential. We look at purpose and mindset and aim essentially to upgrade your sense of self and possibility.

Going much deeper is transformational coaching which could also be described as trans-personal. We are aiming at some type of “shift of being”. To describe this better an example would be that when you look deep inside you notice all kinds of obstacles to personal power. On the transactional level, you seek to accomplish goals which in turn enhances your self-esteem. On the developmental level, you seek to work with the underlying beliefs and mindset and you learn to step into a more powerful sense of self. With the transformational, you listen deep within and connect to a deeper part (some would say your higher self or soul) and invite the self which is ready to emerge to step forwards. You then embody and become power – it is no longer something you do but something you are. This leads to the first shift in being which removes mainly underlying layers of problems and gives you access to more clarity, love, wisdom etc.

At the very deep end of transformational coaching is an exploration of your true essence – the so-called great “I AM”. Only here, can your full potential emerge and you discover a level of existence beyond anything your mind imagined you could be. For those who feel called to this, the Deep Transformational Coaching approach is very effective. When I use this model, I tend to find that the clients that arrive for this are already quite developed and for some time have had a sense of being ready to shift to the next level. I would hope in the coming years that many “leaders” will go through this process in order to become “awakened leaders” – clearly what the world needs right now.

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