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Transformation - are you ready?

Transform Your Self

Transformational Coaching

Ready to wake up and experience a significant”shift in your sense of Self”?  Look deep within and discover  the power and potential waiting to emerge and your TRUE ESSENCE.

Steven Lane is a Certified Deep Transformational Coach by the

Center for Transformational Coaching

Become your Highest Self: Transformational Coaching

Beyond the brain programme of habitual thinking, feeling and behaviours, it is possible to access a level of “being” that shifts us into higher functioning and consciousness. It gives us access to greater clarity, love, intuition, well-being, personal power and our ability to make a difference. This is the “transpersonal”.

Transformational Coaching can help you to connect to the deepest essence of yourself and to invite “that” which is ready to emerge to present itself. You then learn to embody and be present to a higher level of Being.

This is for you if:

  • you recognise that your current paradigm can take you no further and you feel ready to operate from a higher level of consciousness
  • you have a sense that you are ready for a “shift”
  • you feel called to go on a deep journey into yourself
  • you feel a spiritual or soul calling to wake up or move to a higher level
  • you want to know and embody the “essence” of yourself”


“Evocation:  Around the world, across cultures and religions, people are awakening to the potentials and realities of higher consciousness. More and more people are sensing and desiring a connection with their deeper essence, and feel compelled by an inexplicable life force to understand the greater nature and meaning of existence. What does it mean to awaken? Awakening is a rich and complex experience that defies a narrow definition, but the essence of awakening is the new-found awareness and experience of one’s spiritual reality. It’s not an event, it’s a process— a process in which spiritual consciousness flows into the mind, reorienting the mind to a reality that lies beyond the ‘veil’ of superficial definitions and material boundaries. The veil then begins to lift and the awakened mind becomes aware of living in a distorted perceptual reality, a dream of self-imposed limitations, where what was thought to be true is in fact a shadow dance masking an expansive and encompassing Truth.”

Leon VanderPol extracted from “A Shift of Being” 

Transformational Coaching is a process which may involve many approaches and techniques including those described below:

Transformational Coaching Package

10 x 75 minute coaching sessions – at 2 – 4 week intervals

A Shift of Being

With true transformation there is a shift of being. That is to say that your sense of identity moves to a higher level of consciousness as you truly return to yourself. This facilitates an expansion to greater clarity, love and wisdom and is the core aspect of this programme.

Going Beyond the Conditioned Mind

The conditioned mind is a programme created by the brain that is based upon past learnings, beliefs and the limited problem solving capability of the brain.

Connecting to the Spiritual

Spiritual means different things for different people. But in essence, we are pointing to a power, an aspect of self or a higher consciousness that transcends the thinking mind.

The Observer Self

This involves "returning to yourself" so you can step outside of habitual patterns. It gives you access to clarity and intuition and provides for a platform in which you can make better choices and act in accordance with true values.

Sacred Space

Transformation does not take place within the thinking mind. Instead we create a sacred space where obstacles can be presented for healing or releasing and the Emergent Self can reveal itself.

The Emergent Self

During the coaching, within the context of a quiet, sacred space, we can connect into your emergent self - that is the higher potential waiting to reveal itself. This emergent self is transformative.

Heart Centered Living

We focus on a return to heart-centeredness, fostering natural feelings of empathy, concern for others, kindness and compassion/

Wisdom and Intuition

Wisdom and intuition naturally arise as you move away from being intellect focused and become heart focused. As you discover you are not your thoughts or feelings, a great clarity arises.

Transformational Practices

During the coaching and post coaching process we will employ a range of practices and techniques to facilitate the emergent transformation.

Embodying the Shift

Once the transformational shift has begun to emerge, it is necessary to embody and live the shift, integrating it deeply into our Being and our lives.

“In recent years, people – especially in Western cultures – are waking up to the transpersonal within themselves, through the emerging need to find meaning and purpose in all aspects of their lives, and to work in the service of something beyond just making a profit,“ 

Sir John Whitmore – author of Coaching for Performance