“Awakened Leadership Mastery: A 10-Session Immersion in Conscious Leadership Excellence”

With Steven Lane, Transformational Coach
and Facilitator - Online Programme

Embark on a transformative journey with our “Awakened Leadership Mastery” program, a 10-session, online immersive experience designed to empower leaders with purpose, authenticity, and mindfulness. Participants will gain profound insights into their leadership potential, unravel the core principles of conscious leadership, and acquire practical tools to lead with clarity and impact. Through self-discovery and guided exploration, this program nurtures a deeper understanding of a new emerging leadership style, fosters a conscious and inclusive culture, and equips individuals with sustainable leadership practices. Join us to unlock your leadership’s full potential, inspire teams, and drive meaningful change in your organization and beyond.

Program Highlights:

✨ Why Choose Our Programme?

Our “Awakened Leadership Mastery” program goes far beyond traditional leadership development, offering you a transformative journey that awakens your leadership potential. Join us to gain the profound insights, tools, and self-awareness needed to lead with authenticity, drive meaningful change, and make a lasting impact. By choosing our programme, you’re choosing to step into a new realm of leadership excellence, where purpose, mindfulness, and inclusivity reign supreme. Be the leader your team and organization deserve, unlock a future of boundless possibilities, and become an inspiration.

Programme Details: STARTING IN JANUARY 2024

– Duration: 10 sessions (2 and a half hours each) 

– Schedule: Every 2 – 3 weeks – Friday afternoon – GMT –  14.00 to 16.30

– Location: All sessions are online via Zoom

– Cost: Eur 1500.00

-All sessions will be recorded and can be viewed later

-Course Manual Included

Dates: Jan 19th, Feb 2nd, Feb 16th, Mar 1st, Mar 15th, April 5th, April 19th, May 10th, May 24th, June 7th (all 2024)

💥 Limited Spots Available! Reserve Your Seat Now!  (because of the interactive nature of this programme, places are limited to 15 participants)

Don’t miss this opportunity to evolve into a conscious leader who empowers teams, inspires change, and makes a meaningful difference in your organization and the world.



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