Transforming Leadership

Steven Lane In Association With Paul Delahunt

SOULWISE is a collaboration between two transformational leadership coaches: Steven Lane and Paul Delahunt. We provide training, in house and online, to leaders who are ready to learn and lead from a conscious and evolved level.

A SOULWISE LEADER has an evolving level of consciousness, characterized by a presence that holistically includes head, heart and gut and is supported by qualities such as integrity, authenticity, intuitive wisdom, kindness, ethical behavior and clarity of mind and purpose. When we feel, think and act as SOULWISE LEADERS we are freed from continuous egocentric behaviors and conditioning, our inner spark is ignited, and we live in a in a collaborative way that is for the highest good of humanity and our planet.

We offer:


An introductory 2 hr webinar about True Transformational Leadership.

Soulwise Leader Programme

A bespoke leadership development programme comprising workshops and coaching to help leadership teams elevate their leadership skills, inspire and energise teams, and shift their organisations to not only focus on profit but also on people, purpose and planet.

Our evolutionary purpose is:

To facilitate the true transformation of organisational leadership inspiring a wise paradigm shift that creates people and purpose centred organizations with sustainable futures for all stakeholders.