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The Observer Self

The observer self has been described in spiritual literature extensively. More recently it has also been very effectively used in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). It is the first level of ego transcendence and brings about a radical shift of being.

Most people are simply on auto-pilot – identifying with their thoughts and feelings and mindlessly following limiting beliefs and their general programming.

The Observer Self is a core sense of self that notices thoughts and feelings as being other than itself. A shift of identity takes place. Thoughts become tools and feelings can be more fully felt but can also be easily let go of.

When you look for WHAT the Observer Self is, you simply find an observing awareness. And when you realise that awareness is your core essential self, you immediately gain access to clarity, compassion, peace, wisdom and much more.

Whilst we have some extensive approaches to discover this level of Self, a simple way in is to ask yourself, ” what is noticing my experience”. This pulls you back into yourself and gives you that much wider perspective.

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