Evolutionary Purpose

Unlocking Your Organization’s Evolutionary Purpose:
A Higher Calling for Meaningful Impact!

The essential concept of evolutionary purpose involves the idea that organizations, like living organisms, have an evolving and emergent purpose or reason for their existence. This purpose is not merely about making a profit or achieving short-term goals, but it goes deeper to address the broader impact and contribution of the organization to society and the world.

We help to discover the evolutionary purpose via a series of facilitated sessions – a blend of  team coaching and facilitation – in which we collectively listen and introspect.

Such a purpose goes beyond merely defining a mission or vision statement; rather, it is about uncovering the organization’s true calling and aligning the efforts of all stakeholders towards realizing that purpose.

We acknowledge Frederic Laloux and his book Reinventing Organisations as the inspiration for this work

An evolutionary purpose serves as a guiding north star for the organization. It acts as a source of inspiration and motivation for employees, customers, and partners. When individuals feel connected to a greater purpose, they become more engaged, fulfilled, and driven to contribute meaningfully to the organization’s success.

The evolutionary purpose of an organization is always evolving and adapting to the external world. Consequently, being in touch with it, enables an organization to be more responsive, resilient and adaptive.

In many cases, it leads to greater success and bottom line profits.