Coaching Services



Transformational Coaching is a deep coaching approach that supports individuals in achieving personal and professional growth by facilitating profound shifts in their way of being, mindset and life outcomes. It explores your “paradigm” including beliefs, values, goals, strategies and repeat patterns including your habitual mindset and emotional makeup. It enables you to release obstacles, truly ignite your potential and create sustainable change.

This is a journey of profound inner looking coupled with a commitment and heart-felt sense to elevate your Presence.

Benefits include greater self-awareness, wellbeing, improved relationships, alignment with purpose and becoming more effective. Ultimately, transformational coaching empowers individuals to create more meaningful and fulfilling lives aligned with their authentic selves and or become more effective leaders.


Team coaching

Corporate team coaching aims to enhance collaboration, communication, and performance within teams in a corporate setting. The process involves a trained coach working with the team to identify goals, clarify roles, improve communication, operate with higher Team performance,  and foster a culture of trust and accountability . Through team assessments, facilitated discussions, and skill-building exercises, team coaching helps identify strengths and areas for improvement, resolves conflicts, and promotes effective teamwork. The outcomes of corporate team coaching include increased productivity, improved morale, enhanced creativity, better problem-solving, stronger relationships, and a shared sense of purpose and alignment, leading to overall organizational success.


This is one of the three practices of awakened companies described by Frederic Laloux in his groundbreaking book: Reinventing Organisations. Organisations are dynamic entities that continuously develop their own purpose beyond that conceived of by stakeholders and beyond a one-time purpose and strategy statement. The process involves a deep listening and dialogue to identify an organisation’s unique reason of existence, beyond mere financial success or hollow mission statements, and then aligning the entire organisation towards fulfilling that purpose and then sensing and adapting purpose to ongoing evolving changes in the environment. The benefits include increased employee engagement, better decision making, enhanced creativity and innovation, better culture and a sense of meaningful work, and adaptation to a rapidly changing world- all leading to a sustainable and purpose drive organisational success and often increased profits.

Fredric Laloux explains the key idea of evolutionary purpose