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Is it Time to Tell Yourself the Truth?

In some spiritual circles, the word truth is synonymous with awakening.

We have an intuitive sense of the importance of truth: nobody likes a liar and none of us likes to be deceived.

And at the same time, we know from the great spiritual masters, that we live in a state of illusion in which the truth of our essential selves is somehow veiled.

Most people live a long way from truth and awakening. Instead, they live on the surface, entangled in their conditioning and conveniently ignoring anything that in any challenges their ego grasping.

There are many pathways to discovering our essential being. Progressively unwrapping the truth is one such path. It is immediate, direct, and personal.

We choose to stop deceiving ourselves about any aspect of our lives and to tell ourselves the truth. This requires courage, honesty, and deep inquiry.

When we tell the truth, face it and act upon it we set ourselves free.

An obvious example is our world of work. Most people are in jobs that they at best tolerate and possibly hate. They spend up to half of their weekdays doing something that dampens or destroys the spark within their soul. And they continue to do it. Why?

The self-inquiry of asking why will reveal a whole series of assumptions, beliefs, fears, and attachments.

It would reveal a ginormous compromise based upon some kind of idea that it is just how life works. To earn a living and have the money for housing, clothes, and nice things, you just have to sell a bit of your soul and go to work in a job that sucks the life force out of you. It would also reveal a fear of stepping outside of the norm and the insecurity of choosing to be free. Ultimately, this self-inquiry would reveal the voluntary signing on to self-induced slavery – which of course is very convenient for society given that most nations have banned enforced slavery. Anyone who looks deeply enough in this way would make a radically different choice. That choice might be to live with a sense of purpose and do work that feels meaningful. Or it might involve living without the need for much money in a self-sufficient way. But whatever the choice is, it would be a step towards freedom and towards the ultimate truth.

You can see from this example that telling yourself the truth is powerful and has major implications – which is why most people prefer to continue to live within the lies they tell themselves. And one of the ways of lying is to avoid the truth – just choose not to notice it.

A simpler example is boredom. Most people are terrified of boredom and have never questioned it. If you are bored, you look for stimulation which these days is only as far away as your phone with its access to movies, social media, chats etc. And so, in this way, most people spend their lives terrified of boredom and reactively seeking to avoid it as much as possible.

To tell yourself the truth about boredom, you would need to choose to be present and then observe how it works, where it arises from, and what happens if choose not to react to it.

You would discover how you shy away from discomfort and end up with another superficial experience that has no capacity to fulfil you. And if you were to go deep enough you would discover that boredom is an expression of your sense of separateness from your true nature. It turns out that boredom is a portal to the divine – all you need to do is sit with it for long enough and in time it will reveal a treasure house of peace and bliss. But this is only possible if you are prepared to be honest and to take a deep look at your experience.

And then there are relationships in which we will seriously compromise ourselves in our desperate search for love and connection. That compromise will always involve deceiving ourselves. The promise behind the compromise is that we will be happy if we have a significant other in our lives. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a significant other – the problem is how we maintain the relationship or stay stuck in stale relationships where the fizz has long been released and we just tolerate staying together because we are too afraid of being alone. And the moment you see that – and tell yourself that truth – you have to act (which might be reviving the relationship with honest communication or it might be leaving the relationship), and, in this way, you awaken a little bit more – you reclaim a little more of yourself and step more into your own power.

So, truth is not easy – it is for the brave and the committed.

If you are really committed, you can seek the truth in each moment of your life. It will mean facing a lot of discomfort and may involve some shedding of tears and some moments of angst. But it will be worth it. Each moment of truth brings you closer to who you really are. This in turn brings with it greater authenticity and the heartfelt gladness that comes with that.

So, ask yourself, is it time to tell yourself the truth.

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