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How does transformation take place?

Most attempts at change are destined to fail! Mainly they involve trying to change thought or behavioural habits within the same paradigm of existence in which they already exist. It might work for a while – and some progress might be made through cognitive techniques or perhaps a mindfulness approach. It might involve trying to think more positively or committing oneself to values based actions. All of these things are potentially useful, but they unlikely to lead to transformation.

Transformation involves shifting into a higher paradigm – a shift of being.

This is not a mere change of perspective or committed action: it involves responding to an inner call in which an evolution of consciousness takes place. That inner call will usually have been building up for a while and will be making itself known: it might be in the form of discontentment, or a desire to be doing something very different, or a gradual shift from head to heart, or a deep desire to make life purposeful and meaningful. It might even be a call to slow down and to shift into being instead of doing.

That call is an invitation to shift to a new paradigm – but it cannot be forced – it has its own timescale and process of unfolding. But the call does need to be heard – and a commitment to act upon the call needs to be made. It can be a confusing time and often people turn to therapists or other helpers to facilitate the transition. Actually, it is the realm of transformational coaching.

As the shift of being – (a shift into a higher level of consciousness) – takes place, there is healing to do, and a falling away of old beliefs, habits and ways of doing things. It is as if life starts to rearrange itself and a newfound sense of fulfilment starts to make itself known. Perspectives and beliefs naturally change and an inner alignment happens.

In summary, personal transformation is not a forced change within an existing mindset. It is a response to a felt call, and then an allowing of a new level of consciousness and a letting to of an old mindset. It can be sudden, but more often that not it is a process, which probably will include some discomfort alongside the new feelings of joy, excitement and fulfilment that begin to emerge.

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