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Key People

Steven Lane

Steven is a truly transformational coach and leadership innovator with wonderful knowledge, wisdom and skills acquired throughout his personal and professional journey over the past 40 years.

Steven has achieved mastery in a broad range of coaching and psychological approaches which he has employed to great success over the last 20 years with private and corporate clients, gaining over 25,000 hours of one to one experience. Alongside this he has successfully facilitated group and team coaching and trainings.

His previous experience includes working as a consultant to the NGO sector, a director of a European consultancy company, co-managing a publishing company and business owner of a neuro-technology company.

Steven is an accomplished meditator having meditated for over 40 years including several long retreats. He has an interest in higher consciousness business, especially that relating to conscious leadership, corporate culture and wholeness practices, and discovering organizational evolutionary purpose that truly serves communities and humanity.

Steven has an extensive range of relevant qualifications and trainings, including an advanced Diploma in Personal, Executive and Leadership Coaching, Advanced Diploma in Team Coaching, Post Graduate Certificate in Deep Transformational Coaching, NLP Master Certification, a range of certifications in psychological therapies, Cert in  presence based coaching. He is an accredited Practitioner of EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)

Paul Delahunt (Principal Associate)

  • Paul Delahunt is a highly trusted, skilled, inspirational and energetic transformational coach who specializes in partnering with Leaders and Leadership teams to help them Inspire and Energise the people around them.

  • With a unique blend of 25+ year’s experience of leading large manufacturing and engineering teams in high performing, highly automated manufacturing environments and 15+ years of Transactional, Developmental and Transformational coaching, results in Paul’s ability to offer highly effective coaching for Leaders and Leadership teams. 
  • Coaching Style:

His coaching style is based on a highly trusted and transformational partnership and facilitates an inspirational space that is grounded in trust, simplicity, clarity and light heartedness. Paul invites the client to be curious about the interference that is preventing them from performing to their full potential.

  • Coaching Qualifications:
    • Power of Presence Coaching Certification – 2022
    • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – ICF – 2021
    • Professional Coaching Certificate – ICF – 2020
    • Life & Business Coaching Diploma – LBCAI – 2010
    • Business Executive & Life Coaching Diploma – CII – 2008


  • Professional Credentials:

         Professional Certified Coach Credential (PCC)

  • International Coach Federation (ICF) 2021

         Associate Certified Coach Credential (ACC)

  • International Coach Federation (ICF) 2020