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Steven Lane

Steven Lane

Personal Development and Transformational Coach

I have a particular specialty: I can connect you to your potential and then help you see very clearly what is getting in your way – From there we can use a deep coaching approach and other techniques to unblock you. Finally, I will help you to either upgrade your sense of self and possibility, or we can go even further and I can facilitate a “shift of being” if you are ready, which returns you to your true essence and enables you to live your life from a place of great clarity, insight, love and wisdom. 


I have approximately 25,000 hours experience of one to one personal change work with clients.

Following a career in consultancy, I became very interested in the mind’s potential and meditation. Consequently, I spent 7 years as a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition during which time I became an accomplished meditator and teacher, and significantly changed my fundamental relationship with life. My awareness grew and I shifted from a self centered orientation to one of openess, kindness and compassion.

Since 1996 I have trained in and practiced a vast range or personal change approaches including various forms of coaching, therapies including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Ericksonian Brief Therapy and Hypnotherapy as well as neurofeedback and other brain technologies.

As a consequence, I find I can help and support people at many different levels, and often very quickly. I have a particular interest in working with clients who are highly motivated and who are prepared to put the effort into their transformational journey. These people are commonly leaders, business executives, entrepreneurs or agents of social change. 

I live in rural Ireland and am married with 2 daughters, and I work worldwide via Zoom and travel extensively to give on site workshops and trainings. is a link to an article i wrote in 2019 about transformational coaching:

Ready to be your Highest Self?

Ready to be your highest Self?

Coaching Related Qualifications

  • Diploma in Personal, Executive and Leadership Coaching (ICF and EMCC accredited)
  • Certified Deep Transformational Coach
  • Certificate in Life Coaching
  • NLP Practitioner and Master Diploma (INLPTA accredited)
  • NLP Coaching Diploma
  • Practitioner Diploma in Ericksonian Brief Therapy
  • Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy
  • APT accreditation in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Certification in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy
  • Accredited Coach Practitioner and member of EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)
  • Member of the APT (Association for Psychological Therapies)
  • Trained meditation teacher in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition


Throughout my career, I have struggled to step back and objectively identify my transferrable knowledge, skills and expertise in order to open up my world of work options.

I don’t think I have ever even attempted to identify my personal qualities and character strengths to help me discover my authentic self and determine what I really value, enjoy doing and believe in! Working with Steven has enabled me to do all this and much more – and all in a remarkably short space of time!

Steven’s innate wisdom, genuine interest in his clients and extensive knowledge make working with him a fascinating experience. He expertly encourages exploration within a highly supportive, non-threatening context, offering guidance when needed, but never taking over. For me, it’s been a creative journey which has involved a huge amount of learning and discovery, along with the nurturing of feelings of self-worth and self-belief.

I am enormously grateful to Steven. Having been truly ‘stuck’ when we started working together, I have not only found out what I want to do, but also how I can do so from anywhere in the world. I am currently working on my website and so excited about the future and all the possibilities that are open to me.

I cannot recommend Steven highly enough.

Kate N, Chartered Psychologist U.K. 

Essentially Me

I have been following a path of personal development and spirituality for the last 40 years (since I was 16).  It is at the centre of my life and is a daily lived experience. 

I was blessed in my 20’s with an awakening experience which  revealed my true essence to me and has guided me every since along an ever evolving path.

I feel I have a lot to share and I love making the transpersonal and transcendental available to others.


Transformational Coaching is a trading name of Trance-formational Training Ltd, a company reg in Ireland: Company Number 441408

Reg Office: Drumhill House, Arden Road, Tullamore, Co Offaly, Ireland

Steven Lane is a director of the company and the Principle Coach. We also work with associates for the provision of training