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Grow your awareness, see yourself clearly, free your mind, find greater happiness and contentment, perform better

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Ready to wake up and experience a significant”shift in your sense of Self”?  Look deep within and discover  the power and potential waiting to emerge and your TRUE ESSENCE.

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“Leadership is not so much about technique and methods as it is about opening the heart. Leadership is about inspiration—of oneself and of others. Great leadership is about human experiences, not processes. Leadership is not a formula or a program, it is a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others. It is an attitude, not a routine. ” 
― Henry Kimsey-House, The Stake: The Making of Leaders

about me

I am an EMCC accredited personal, executive and leadership coach and a certified deep transformational coach. I have been helping people to go through deep changes for the last 25 years and I have an approximate 25,000 hours of experience of personal change work.

“I specialise in identifying a person’s potential, finding what is getting in their way  and then helping them to transform. The result is often profoundly life changing.” 

As a person committed to personal and professional development for more than 30 years, and as a qualified therapist and business coach, I've tried many different approaches to living and expressing my highest potential and to living my life to the full. Nothing I have experienced has proven as impactful and fulfilling as my work with Steven. I can truly say that it has been life transforming
J.J. O'Riordan
Director - Inspirational Leadership Ltd
Steven always meets me where I am, but also keeps on guiding me back to the reason we're working together. He holds the thread of why we're working, even when I've forgotten it, which is immensely valuable. What I've appreciated most in working with Steven is his unwavering presence and capacity to hold a space of incredible depth. That has allowed me to go to deep places within myself that hold valuable information and inspiration. Steven challenges in a gentle compassionate way that often makes me smile because I don’t necessarily want to hear what he's saying but I need to hear it. That takes skill, which Steven has no shortage of. I can highly recommend him as a transformational coach and trust he will be an ideal coach for you if you're in a place in your life where you're ready for true change.
Mairéad Cleary
Psychotherapist & Author, Byron Bay, Australia
Steven’s innate wisdom, genuine interest in his clients and extensive knowledge make working with him a fascinating experience. He expertly encourages exploration within a highly supportive, non-threatening context, offering guidance when needed, but never taking over. For me, it’s been a creative journey which has involved a huge amount of learning and discovery, along with the nurturing of feelings of self-worth and self-belief.
Kate Naylor, U.K.
Chartered Psychologist

When I set up my business in 2006, I made the commitment to myself to engage with the best coaches out there every year, to support me to enhance my own presence, flow and to work on any blocks that could be interrupting the work I’m doing with my clients and the ease with which I live my life. I haven’t been disappointed.

The bar was raised even further for me, however, about 18 months ago, when I started working with Steven, and I can say without question that he is the best of all Coaches that I’ve worked with. His work is the true definition of what Transformational Coaching means; many coaches claim it, but Steven does it easily and effortlessly in every session, without exception.

He brings a presence, a clarity, an ease, a safety and a lightness to every session, while at the same time offering appropriate challenge, insight and observation, without any judgement or shame. This approach always ignites deep insights in me, a-ha moments, paradigm shifts and a whole new way of experiencing the world. I never thought it was possible to see such an abundance of experience, expertise, wisdom, joy and profound presence wrapped up in one human being until I started working with Steven.

If you want to experience something similar, look no further!

Mary T Tierney, MBA

The Leadership Whisperer,

Azurite Consulting Ltd

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Coaching Packages

Personal Development

10 Sessions

Most people are living from a learnt auto programme which limits their freedom and suppresses their potential. We will shine awareness on how you create your experience of yourself and the world and co-discover a more expanded and effective sense of self. 


10 Sessions

Beneath the limitations of the every day mind is an extraordinary expanse of wisdom, intuition, connection, peace and natural joy. Tranformational Coaching can help you to discover an “emergent sense of Self”, bring about a “shift of being” and facilitate a return to your true essence from which can emerge true power, leadership and insight.


6 Sessions

Having a sense of purpose is fundamental to a meaningful and fulfilling life. Purpose is derived from our values, aspirations, talents and often simply a deeper sense of what we should be doing. We will explore who you are, and discover how to integrate your purpose into your life. This is often the starting point for effective entrepreneurship. 

Working with Steven has been transformational to my sense of who I am and what I might do with my life – and more than that, he has shown me the immense potentiality that is already here and fully accessible to anyone, beyond the need for any healing to take place.
Danielle Hill, Lisbon
Real Estate Owner and Bodywork Practitioner
Steven has been instrumental in many breakthroughs in my understanding of ancient teachings, but most importantly, breakthroughs in understanding about myself and how I shape my world.I cannot recommend Steven highly enough
Arthur Anger, Madrid
Life Coach
Every day I’m very grateful for my relationship with Steven. Through Steven’s help and patience my life has been transformed. I have no doubt whatsoever about recommending him.
Dustin Wall, Seattle
Senior Aircraft Engineer